the street

As I walked down the familiar street, memories of our time together came flooding back. I remembered the day we first met, the laughter, the smiles, the shared moments of happiness. We walked down this very same street, hand in hand, lost in our own world, everything felt perfect.
But life had different plans for us. We were both struggling with our own demons, and our love was not strong enough to overcome them. We started drifting apart, and the street that once felt like a haven became a reminder of our failed love story.
Every time I walked down that street, I was filled with a mix of emotions - regret for what could have been, nostalgia for the happy times we shared, and pain for the love that was lost. The street that was once full of life and possibilities now felt lonely and deserted.
But as time passed, i realised the street was just a witness to our journey, a place that saw us at our best and worst. The street may no longer be the same, but the memories it holds will always be a part of me.